Josh Hawley has warned Democrats about viral video which drove final nail in the coffin in 2022

Body: Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley had a message for the Left. It’s not a message Democrats want to hear. But Josh Hawley warned Democrats that this viral video drove the final nail in the coffin in 2022.

Video of Josh Hawley’s showdown with Berkeley Law professor Khiara Bridges exploded across social media. Hawley engaged Bridges in a back and forth over her claim that men can get pregnant. At one point, Bridges accused Hawley of inciting violence by stating what – before very recently – was accepted by all Americans as an uncontroversial fact of life: that only women can get pregnant.

Polls show that the Democrat support for woke ideology in schools and grooming children into transgenderism is not popular with the public. In an interview with Fox News, Senator Hawley stated that the video of Bridges becoming unhinged over the idea that only women can get pregnant is emblematic of the woke extremism that now dominates the Left.

“Here is the modern Democrat Party today. It [deems] that you have to say that ‘men can get pregnant’. And if you don’t say it, then you are a bigot and you are responsible for violence,” Senator Hawley told Fox News.

Senator Hawley explained that Democrats pushing craziness like the idea men can get pregnant is sending voters fleeing from the party. “It’s not exactly right – it is exactly crazy – which is why voters are running screaming away from the Democrat Party. This is craziness,” Senator Hawley concluded.

There is a real world example that proves Senator Hawley is correct. Republican Glenn Youngkin won the Virginia Gubernatorial Election last November powered in part by a parental backlash to Democrats imposing Critical Race Theory and bizarre gender identity ideology on school children. This illustrates how the Democrats pushing such controversial ideas is driving voters away from the party.

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