Utah Sen. Mike Lee endorses Trump

Utah Sen. Mike Lee endorsed former President Donald Trump, calling the presidential race a “binary choice.”

“Look, whether you like Donald Trump or not, whether you agree with everything he says or not, he is our one opportunity to choose order over chaos and putting America first over America last,” Lee said during an appearance on Fox News’ Ingraham Angle on Friday.

Lee is among at least 21 Republican senators who have endorsed Trump so far. Although GOP leaders in the House have lined up behind Trump, Senate Republican leadership has mostly held out.

“Whether you like Trump or not, Americans face a binary choice,” Lee wrote in a post to X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Biden refuses to enforce our border, prosecutes his opponents, & embraces policies that make life unaffordable for hardworking Americans,” he continued. “I choose Trump.”

Lee also endorsed Trump in 2020 and earned an endorsement from the former president during his 2022 reelection campaign, but the two were not always friendly. In 2016, Lee publicly ranted about Trump and attempted to block his nomination during the GOP convention. But during the Trump presidency, Lee strengthened ties with the former president and pushed for shared legislative priorities.

Lee is among at least 21 Republican senators who have endorsed Trump so far.  

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